Distripac... For the sustainable development

Facing a spectacular increasement in the interest of security and viability of Earth and taking stock of the overall situation, Distripac commit to follow a strict and substantial plan that put emphasis on environmental questions. Neither empty measures nor fruitless verbiage, the plan advocates just one simple idea and divides it in many concrete implementations. This idea, always proclaimed by our company and by all our workers, is as follows : a stable and healthy economic growth goes together with an intelligent and generous respect for the environment. By recycling without exception its waste and using approved material, Distripac is at the cutting edge of sustainable developement and does everything possible to keep it.


Approved material

Given that we mainly use PET material, Distripac guarantees the legitimity of its commitment for the sustainable development. Because of its light weight and its perfect transparency, added to its high resistance and its long conservation, Pet material allows a large-scaled recycling that justifies its large using.

Recycling of waste

At Distripac, everything is done to recycle all the waste. Indeed, in the very heart of the company, each worker is aware of the environmental problems and concerned about sorting the recycling. Thereby, the company takes great care not to leave its waste in nature. Driving its environmental logic to its end, Distripac uses its waste to produce new shrink-wraps, creating by this way a field where economic and environmental interests go hand in hand.


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