A recognized know-how

Today, the Distripac quality is widely recognized throughout the many markets in which it is involved. Of course, this unanimously approved success has for us no secrets. Indeed, since its beginning, Distripac is committed to promoting sleeves that combine with respect of the market norms and the requests of the customer a unique know-how characterized by many facets.

An harmonious combination of functions

It is under an imperative of quality, more pressing and more exigent as the expectations diversify, that lies one of our greatest successes : creating sleeves that harmoniously integrates a multiplicity of functions. Design and decoration, information and promotion, or even protection, all is done to develop commercial products likely to arouse the customer interest by their visual appearance as well as reassure them about its value and its integrity.

Distripac, vehicle of precision and beauty

At Distripac, beacause our productions satisfy the customer requests and aesthetically please him, the combination between beauty and precision is total.


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